Maybe, the simplest way to get things done is by simply getting through them all

You’ll never know what kind of situations you’ll face in your life.

I do think so, couldn’t agree more for the saying.

I can not tell how many I skipped the class.

I can not tell how much I said “I am tired”.

I can not tell how much I wanted to cry.


I can not tell how much I learned.

I had never expected those thoughts be in my mind before this semester started. The fact, this semester is full of things I’ve never expected. Likely couldn’t avoid routines of each day.

To be walking in a rush at day from one place to another, to be going home when everybody has fallen asleep, to be sipping coffee while going through sleepless night, to be working your ass off to catch up with the deadlines.

It is stressful, troublesome, and exhausting, yet the long awaited moment comes at the end of the day – a moment you finally can loose your mind.

To be relieving – as you still be given a chance of standing on your own, of making things right, of going the day well enough, of seeing your loved ones happy and healthy. All the cries you hold on your eyes blown, pouting lips you put on all the day gone, and you’ll be smiling while recalling every single thing happened today, you couldn’t ask for more, you couldn’t ask any better than what you’ve had today, and indeed, Allah is the best planner.

Here I learn about letting go of things have gone.

Here I learn about having patience and holding anger.

Too many lacks within myself that for these may not burden me, instead enlighten me to be a better one.

If it couldn’t be easier, may we be stronger.

With all my might and love,



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