Thoughts of Self-Belong

It takes such a long (loooong) time for me to be here again.

– – like, who cares – –

Realizing that I am in more hustle bustle life setting than I used to be.

Realizing that I get involved in more things I can not escape for now.

Realizing that I may have not much freedom to do things I want.

Shortly, I’d say that my self doesn’t merely belong to mine.

What for I am splitting my self?






Feeling (no?)


Further more things on the list.

Who is the owner of me?

After all, it is my self, it is my life. No one has more power than me. I believe it is a must to concern about our own. Assuming that my available time is a cake, there are lots (looots) asking for a piece of yours, but I am the one who holds the knife… At the end, it depends on me #selfishnessoverload… Well, that we belong not only to our own is undeniably true. The question is, how much?

Some time, maybe you need to get through the day with internet off, yet available mobile network. It is completely different than being unreachable. It is still completely possible for anyone to make a contact, by call or SMS. If someone does really need you that much, you will be finally contacted, though.

We may cannot count on our own self to have such a balanced life – too much variable in this life. As a saying, life is never flat. How busy you are, how long your to-do-and-meet-list, I gotta say that

d o   n o t   f o r g e t   t o   p r a y ,

j u s t   d o n ‘ t .

As #selfreminder, I should take (more) time to contemplate with the true owner of this self. For me as a muslim, there is a quote from quran:

“… the enjoyment of this world is little and the hereafter is better …”


May every decision we make bring us to the right way –



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