Short Note

To step on that land is a dream I am still holding. And to pursue might take a rough long road journey. But to believe and be brave and give all I have are things I must not forget.


Failed April Wrap, So Let It Be A May Wrap

May has come. Well, we have been on its end, actually.

But, since I originally intended this post to be an April Wrap, let me still start from April.

>> Mini celebration in the middle of the mids

Having birthday in April may be one reason why I am so into April, not for the mid-test although my birthday always strikes in the middle of college’s mid-test.

So, my birthday passed just like another day passed. Growing up still becomes my inevitable dislike I have to face, though. But I have to admit that I am not a kid anymore. Here goes things I had prepared to do for this year birthday Continue reading