Agenda, sort of

So, how’s life?

Firstly, let me thank God for these uncountable blessing.
I. Just. Can’t. Thank. Enough.

It has been few weeks after the end of the semester, after the beginning of the holiday.

This holiday should be anti-wacana holiday. I aimed to struggle for such summer program, but maybe this summer has not been my time :”) Though, there are many things I have plan to do this holiday.

Learning has become part of our life, hasn’t it? But, how about sharing lesson we’ve learnt? Somehow I miss that part. So, I am planning to share about Ayu’s version summary for courses I’ve taken.

Realized that there are still many-many-much things I have to learn. It’s easy to speak, but taking words into actions? Siapa takut! Lines of code, piles of paper, I’m coming :”)) #plisjanganwacana

Seeing my bucket lists, seems like I have to put more effort to make it shorter.

Btw, I’ve applied for such internship program(s), wish me luck :”)
Btw, happy fasting for all moslems!
Btw, I’m missing the confident version of my self. I believe I’ll find it soon :”)

Anw, life always has its way to surprise us . . .

Basically human,

Ayu Fatmawati


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