Three Days in My Life

As I said on my twitter, I will share my precious experience in my three days in life.

It started when I decided to be a student volunteer of DOED 2016 (credit to Hasya for the information, I thank you). I was undecided firstly, but out of nowhere, I was assured to be part of it. Shortly, I contacted Kak Suci, the person in charge of student volunteer, and she just accepted me willingly without knowing that I am such a brat 🙂

First meeting was only introduction session – there were Kak Devakto, Kak Zahra, Kak Meisza, Kak Shufi, Ina, Sumayyah, and me – but only 7 of us could attend (the 3 others were Kak Rian, Kak Depe, and Fathya). Apparently, Kak Suci did the job distribution immediately at that time and after such a long debate I was chosen as LO of one keynote speaker , Mrs. Khairiyah from UTM (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia).

I finally agreed because Fathya became my partner. Fathya was so helpful. She was so responsible and dependable. She helped me communicate with Doc. Khairiyah, and with Prof. Tsukasa, and with Doc. Lyn Brodie also. We were so excited having chat with them :))

Those keynote speakers definitely are so great! Of course, they have been expertise in engineering education field, but beyond their professionalism, they are so friendly, so humble, and just amazingly inspiring. So glad I got the chance to know them 🙂

DOED itself was held in three days, first day was seminar and panel discussion, second day was seminar and workshop, and third day was case study based presentations. Go like DOED Facebook Page to know more. In some session, I was allowed (even, obligated) to sit in the seminar (the perks of being volunteer in an event) and got much insight. Shoooo happy!

Here is a photo of me DOED 2016 committee, keynote speakers, plus Pak Wisnu dan Ibu Kasiyah (credits to Kak Zahra, she also write about DOED in diffferent perspective here)


Keynotes and some comittee, including SV

DOED 2016 also leaves a trace beyond experience as me being an LO. Continue reading


Indonesia Transport Guidance: Shopping Centre Edition

So, it is just a compilation of my personal notes since I do highly depend on public transportation and am very unwilling to spend much money only to go to such a place. Since I live in Depok, mostly the routes start from Depok area. Well, the first edition will be Shopping Centre(s).

Since transportations used here including Commuter Line (KRL), Transjakarta, Angkot, and Online Ride Sharing (15k max), you may need map of commuter line or map of transjakarta, and ride sharing apps.


#1 Depok ke Kota Kasablanca
Dari Depok naik KRL arah Jakarta, turun di Stasiun Tebet -> ke luar stasiun jalan sedikit sampai ketemu mikrolet M44, turun di halte Sekolahan (ada jembatan penyeberangan langsung di depan Kokas)

#2 Depok ke MTA & Central Park
Dari Depok naik KRL arah Jakarta, turun di Stasiun Cawang -> jalan lewat bawah sampai shelter Transjakarta, pilih bus koridor 8A arah Pinang Ranti -> turun di shelter Podomoro City

#3 Depok ke PIM (Pondok Indah Mall) 1 & 2
(Lanjutan dari #2) , dari shelter Podomoro City, ganti bus yang koridor 8, turun di halte Pondok Indah Mall

#4 Depok ke GI (Grand Indonesia)
Dari Depok naik KRL arah Jakarta, turun di Stasiun Juanda -> jalan sampai shelter Transjakarta, pilih bus arah Bundaran HI -> turun di shelter Bundaran HI

#5 Depok ke Plaza Blok M
Dari Depok, naik Kopaja no. 46, duduk manis sampai di depan Blok M

#6 Depok ke Tanah Abang
Dari Depok naik KRL arah Tanah Abang, duduk manis sampai Stasiun Tanah Abang. Pasar Tanah Abang ada di seberang stasiun, kalau mau ke Blok F/B/A (berurut sesuai jarak) juga bisa lewat dalam pasar

#7 Depok ke Thamrin City
Dari Depok naik KRL sampai Staisun Karet lanjut mikrolet yang lewat Thamrin City (lupa nomor berapa, tapi langsung dari stasiun kok).

That’s it! I’ll keep updating it there’s another shopping district I’ve known, and please do tell me if there is a mistake 🙂  Well then, let’s go shopping (but I need o save money, uh please)!


Ayu Fatmawati