(Not So) BADR ShortCourse x Internship: Week 3

I didn’t spend Monday & Tuesday at the office since the people were going for outing.

Since I still had responsibility for my organization, I spent my Monday to Tuesday at campus. I also had to process some document for my dream, wish me all the best!

For Wednesday, there was lecture from Kak Jay about investment in startup industry. Kak Jay delivered soooo much information, I couldn’t manage to get them all. In short, it is hard to built a centaur, even less a unicorn.

For Thursday, we were invited to join Kak Fahry’s workshop about design thinking. What made us excited was the place, which was at Hotel Bumi Wiyata. What a sense of mahasiswa-kosan/kere :”. We were assigned to assist founders of social business in SEA DD program. I got a chance to sit beside Kak Alfi, she’s still a college student! Her business, ebibag – an environmental business which has a vision to empower mothers (esp widows) in aside Jakarta. Sadly, we only had a short time.

For Friday, I discovered some analytic tools, but I haven’t tried it. It is interesting, indeed. I think I’m gonna love it.

For Saturday and Sunday, I likely had some good moments. Continue reading


BADR ShortCourse x Internship: Week 2


Kembali lagi dengan saya masih mau cerita tentang magang di Badr Interactive yang semakin interaktif di minggu kedua 🙂

Setelah melalui minggu pertama dengan pemahaman dan pencanangan pengembangan Verivy, mulailah minggu kedua dengan saya yang masih harus belajar Android programming dan belajar lebih tentang usability testing :”)

Jadi, apa sajakah yang sudah saya lalui dalam satu minggu ini?

> Senin, 2017-01-16

Ijad gamasuk karena harus ujian di kampusnya di Surabaya. Saya masih dapet tugas buat konten tentang Usability Testing. Jadi semakin banyak tau blog-blog tentang UX thingy. Masih nge-draft tulisan tentang UCDC (User Centered Design Canvas) sampai sekarang (sad) wkwk.

Mulai ngerancang jadwal buat SIAK War #salahfokus. Nambah morning routine supaya lebih produktif yea! Continue reading

BADR ShortCourse x Internship: Week 1

Hello again!

Kali ini, saya mau cerita tentang minggu pertama magang di Badr Interactive – sebuah IT Startup yang sedang dalam perjalanan meraih mimpi besarnya.

Sebelumnya, gimana ceritanya bisa magang di Badr?

Di ujung semester lalu, saya memang sangat ingin memberanikan diri (lagi) untuk daftar magang (setelah semester sebelumnya mencoba namun tidak mendapat respon). Akhirnya saya menyiapkan (lagi) CV dan body email, dan kali ini semacam portofolio. Ketika semua sudah siap, saya lihatlah lowongan-lowongan yang beredar. Ada magang di fakultas, Jakarta Smart City, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, dekoruma, sampai akhirnya saya mendapat jarkoman dari teman saya tentang magang Badr Interactive. Berikut posternya


Super gemay sekali ya maskotnya :3 Continue reading


Well, the first week of 2017 has passed. The first week was a bliss, a super great holiday, by having a journey to places I haven’t been before.
Anyway I am still gonna write about 2016, and some thought about 2017 – that’s why this post was entitled bridging.

Despite some wishes not coming true, some to do lists not being crossed, 2016 was blissful, indeed.
2016 has drawn me together with bunch of such lovely people. That year, I was surrounded by them and I knew those are people I am comfortable spending time with.
2016 has offered many chances I cannot not be grateful of taking (some of) those chances. That year, I did things I never imagined I would and I knew those experiences were so valuable.

Who will 2017 bring? What will 2017 offer?
Those are the-should-not-be-asked questions, for the answers will come at its time. We will get older (again) this year and though I still don’t like being older, I will go through it. There will be many challenges waiting ahead, and maybe this is the year where I should be braver, you should too.

For a year has passed, for a memory will last.
2016 was so memorable in a good way, and I hope 2017 will be too..
Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Stay cheerful, stay grateful 🙂

One who never did expect and will never expect time will fly fast,
Ayu Fatmawati-

P.S. I need to befriend with time :’)
P.P.S. I hope good-good things happen afterwards :’)