Well, the first week of 2017 has passed. The first week was a bliss, a super great holiday, by having a journey to places I haven’t been before.
Anyway I am still gonna write about 2016, and some thought about 2017 – that’s why this post was entitled bridging.

Despite some wishes not coming true, some to do lists not being crossed, 2016 was blissful, indeed.
2016 has drawn me together with bunch of such lovely people. That year, I was surrounded by them and I knew those are people I am comfortable spending time with.
2016 has offered many chances I cannot not be grateful of taking (some of) those chances. That year, I did things I never imagined I would and I knew those experiences were so valuable.

Who will 2017 bring? What will 2017 offer?
Those are the-should-not-be-asked questions, for the answers will come at its time. We will get older (again) this year and though I still don’t like being older, I will go through it. There will be many challenges waiting ahead, and maybe this is the year where I should be braver, you should too.

For a year has passed, for a memory will last.
2016 was so memorable in a good way, and I hope 2017 will be too..
Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Stay cheerful, stay grateful 🙂

One who never did expect and will never expect time will fly fast,
Ayu Fatmawati-

P.S. I need to befriend with time :’)
P.P.S. I hope good-good things happen afterwards :’)


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