(Not So) BADR ShortCourse x Internship: Week 3

I didn’t spend Monday & Tuesday at the office since the people were going for outing.

Since I still had responsibility for my organization, I spent my Monday to Tuesday at campus. I also had to process some document for my dream, wish me all the best!

For Wednesday, there was lecture from Kak Jay about investment in startup industry. Kak Jay delivered soooo much information, I couldn’t manage to get them all. In short, it is hard to built a centaur, even less a unicorn.

For Thursday, we were invited to join Kak Fahry’s workshop about design thinking. What made us excited was the place, which was at Hotel Bumi Wiyata. What a sense of mahasiswa-kosan/kere :”. We were assigned to assist founders of social business in SEA DD program. I got a chance to sit beside Kak Alfi, she’s still a college student! Her business, ebibag – an environmental business which has a vision to empower mothers (esp widows) in aside Jakarta. Sadly, we only had a short time.

For Friday, I discovered some analytic tools, but I haven’t tried it. It is interesting, indeed. I think I’m gonna love it.

For Saturday and Sunday, I likely had some good moments.

Since there hasn’t been a PIC for IT in my organization, I have to handle it together with the previous PIC. So, I’ve known that there are many things I haven’t known, but this Saturday I realized more 😦

What makes me happy for this week might be the Saturday night, where I meet my high school group. Can’t believe Cynthia and Bella have turned 22! Can’t believe Putri will graduate this Februari! Can’t believe Vika has started her research! Can’t believe Rindu has started to work! Can’t believe Nadhila has found her significant other! Can’t believe Farah has learned Zumba! Can’t believe I have to find (the real) internship soon! As for Kiya and Hirari, can’t believe they are so busy achieving their dreams.

Ah, with them, there are so many stories to tell.


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