BADR Shortcourse X Internship: Week 4 + Last Week of Holiday

Finally, we come to this week. Finally, I’ll meet you soon. So, what’s happened on this week?



We started to introduce Verivy to our peers via instant messaging, verifying that there will be bunch of people eager to be tester.


I went to LPDP Edu Fair. Sarah couldn’t make it, so there were only me, Sum, Fath, Tiw. We planned to meet at 9.30 (St. UI), but turned out to be 11.30 (Sawah Besar). It took 2 hours to get into the hall (we were queuing for two hours). What I got from going there is some thoughts, and considerations (beside some colleges I might apply later).

These are them

  • Don’t be a deadliner, you see the crowds and it is likely possible to make the website down
  • I need to improve my English. Really.
  • Which part of me that is better than the others? Have I become one who deserves an award?
  • Should I really try this? Do I really want this?
  • Interested is not sufficient, should find such a strong reason.

Anyway, at midnight, I finally cried. I can’t make anyone attracted to join something, where I become its coordinator. I thoughtfully thought, “It’s a mistake asking me to handle this.”

Tough life is tough.


I was learning to be quality assurance. Now I know it is not an easy job. In one app, there are so many possible holes. We need to check not only web use, but also phone use.

There was a course with Kak Big about hiring and team work. I felt like, “WOW” (since I need to learn more about this due to my responsibility at campus). There mentioned about Rockefeller habits and some others. Can’t thank Badr enough :”)


Going to senior grads, actually I wasn’t determined, but Diego went (of course since it’s his friends’ grad) . It rained, but there was no rain cover. So I became determined to go because “Why don’t we book a (brand)car together so we could spare the transport fare?” Suddenly I remembered I hadn’t placed my shoes safely so my shoes went soaked. I had to find anything I could wear and there was only mountain sandals with size bigger than mine. But who cares.

I came for Devi, my panutan. Also for Kak Laila, also my panutan. There was also Kak Araz, who was FUKI’s president last year. There were also so many people. Of course, since it was graduation day.

It had been the n-th time I come to graduation, always having a feeling of “I want to graduate like them” but on this grad day, I got a point that “this is not my time”. Maybe the saddest grad will be the next one, where there will be many people I love finally graduate. Suddenly making a list of whom I should give present to (and the budget) on the next graduation. Maybe I should put your name on my list, done.


Thanks to Sigit I become more receh, but he is still the receh-est. Okay, solved.

Kak Wahyu started the day by explaining AARRR – some analytical metrics used commonly – stands for:

  • Acquisition
  • Activation
  • Retention
  • Referral
  • Revenue

Suddenly at break, Tika said, “Someone who has super high enthusiasm shouldn’t have talked to you (me).” She said my response is just too flat. Okay, noted. I should be more cheerful and knowledge-ful, maybe. LOL.

Well, it started with Tika telling me her future dream and elaborated milestones she should step on to achieve that dream. Actually I wasn’t not that discouraged, I just haven’t had enough knowledge about those things so I don’t know how to response.

After ashr, Tika said, “Everyone can be a leader.” But not for me. Tika replied, “So, find someone whose vision is the same with you to be a leader.” But not as easy as it is. Tika replied again, “Easy! You just have to connect to more people!” I hope so.

That one started with me telling her about my dream of having a school so I can be an IT teacher for children, but I am not good at ‘building something’ and I don’t know where I can do that emotionally and financially happy.

Ya pokoknya gitu deh. Mangat, Yu!



Saturday and Sunday

Day when I started to write this post.

So, today is Saturday. In two days, I will start my 6th semester. Let’s pray it will go very-very-very well and very-very-very fun.

This is Saturday, in some hours, I have to find someone to do publication, but I don’t have an idea who and how… Why is that…. 😦

This Saturday, another member of my group graduated. Congrads, Putri!

I found good article from Twitter. Here.

At the time this post posted, it is Sunday.

Anyway, there’s only one week left (officially) for me being an intern. I want another week with them. But I have to go back to campus. But I’m happy working with them. But I miss campus people. LOL. Haft. The point, I wish I’ll get another chance to meet them. Let’s meet again, sometimes! #wearenotdoneyet 🙂


May happiness be with us,



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