Ayu – some years ago

Hello! Glad to know that you’ve landed on my page safely 🙂

So here, I’d like to share a bit about my self.

I am Ayu Fatmawati, a youth living in Indonesia struggling for her bachelor degree of Information System.

To describe my self, I’d just apply the 20 facts about me:

  • I can’t stand smoke, either cigarette or vehicle, both are just equally unbearable.
  • I let my engineering school for information system//computer science, and I do not have any regret for it.
  • Being random is part of my daily deeds. I like to think about my surrounding, randomly
  • I can not deny that math has become my favorite since I was elementary.
  • My life surrounded by girls, mostly easier for me to hang out with girls than boys.
  • I love foods, but I can’t stand durian, jeroan, and rebung.
  • If I miss one (so) much, I will cry (much).
  • I am over-thinker.
  • I have a high pitched sound, a so-called cold face, but I can not get mad//not intended to.
  • I am easy to forget what I should do//skip-py person.
  • I write on much book (yes, it is much since I can not count it).
  • Planning is a thing I do often, more than realizing.
  • I love to eat, but it is very-very hard for me to gain weight and wrapping my body with over-sized clothes is my super comfort style.
  • I believe the power of praying, so I’ve been used to ask for prayers from others.

Have you been bored? Have you got enough facts about me?

Well, if you wish to know more (I know you don’t); you can just contact me 🙂

P.S: There is another blog of mine: ayusnotes.blogspot.com

P.P.S.: Don’t forget to visit, okay? Tee-hee 🙂


Ayu Fatmawati