Menulis skripsi itu ternyata sulit ya…….

tapi, bersama kesulitan ada kemudahan, kan?


Manajemen Proyek

This is a course notes of Managing IT Project. The references are Schwalbe’s book and PMBOK.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Project Manager

What is a project, program, portfolio?

  • Project, handled by Project Manager, is something that
    • temporary (defined beginning & end)
    • has unique purpose
    • developed using progressive elaboration
    • require various resources
    • have primary customer & sponsor
    • uncertain
  • Program, handled by Program Manager, is group of related projects managed coordinately to gain benefit

Project Management is application of knowledge, skill, tools & technique in project activities to meet project requirement; discipline of planning, organizing, securing, managing, leading, & controlling resources to achieve goals within constraint scope, time, cost; way to achieve tactical goals

Project  portfolio management is way to achieve strategic goals; working on right projects, right area, with right resources

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