For stories they’ve shared

Suka sekali dengan karya A. Fuadi, Trilogi Negri 5 Menara!

Suka sekali sampai ingin membacanya lagi, lagi, lagi, dan versi bahasa inggrisnya!

Suka sekali juga dengan karya Mitch Albom, For One More Day, Tuesday with Morrie, Five People I Met in Heaven, Have A Little Faith..

Suka sekali!

Kagum sekali dengan perjalanan Gloria!

Yaudah sih gitu aja..

Kadang suka lupa memperbaiki diri sendiri, jadi diingatkan lagi, lagi, lagi…

I’timad ‘ala nafsi – Bergantung pada diri sendirijangan dengan orang lainCukup Allah sebagai penolongku –

You have to be ambassador for your own self 🙂




(Relatable things I found in lyf)

Suka banget! Sho happy after watching this, likely we have similar experience (except she had gone through her lyf in Germany while mine was here).. Yet, she spoke what I felt in very good way 🙂

Other things I found:

  • Vienna (song by Billy Joel, thx to Afi)
  • (some song but I forget the title by Yusuf Cat Steven, thx to Afi)
  • Greatest Showman soundtrack
  • Others tp lupa apa aja


Instead of doing review of courses, what I am doing is writing  a bit about Yamashita Tomohisa, a.k.a Yamapi, but calling him Yamashita is better on my ears.

I firstly watched him in Dragon Zakura, but he was just too alay that I was so annoyed only by seeing his hair, and ignored the important part – his character.

Anyway, thanks to Proposal Daisakusen, he becomes part of my life (exaggerating to its core), but well he does. Thanks to Proposal Daisakusen, now I am acknowledging other Yamashita’s dramas on my to-watch list (I haven’t made to watch them all). Besides Proposal Daisakusen, Yamashita becomes lead in Buzzer Beat, Kurosagi, Nobuta wo Produce, Ending Planner, Summer NudeCode Blue, Algernon ni Hanataba o, 5 ji Kara 9 ji Made.

Now I know why he successfully gains loads of fans – which mostly waiting for his next drama – , his dramas are just so good you cannot not like him. I think there has been none of his drama (as lead role) which is not popular. Like people said, the world is unfair from the very beginning (just kidding). Well I must say that he has done very well in choosing the drama he would take a part in.

Okay, I just want to tell you this:

Do. Watch. His. Dramas.

That’s it.


Ayu Fatmawati