BADR ShortCourse x Internship: Week 1

Hello again!

Kali ini, saya mau cerita tentang minggu pertama magang di Badr Interactive – sebuah IT Startup yang sedang dalam perjalanan meraih mimpi besarnya.

Sebelumnya, gimana ceritanya bisa magang di Badr?

Di ujung semester lalu, saya memang sangat ingin memberanikan diri (lagi) untuk daftar magang (setelah semester sebelumnya mencoba namun tidak mendapat respon). Akhirnya saya menyiapkan (lagi) CV dan body email, dan kali ini semacam portofolio. Ketika semua sudah siap, saya lihatlah lowongan-lowongan yang beredar. Ada magang di fakultas, Jakarta Smart City, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, dekoruma, sampai akhirnya saya mendapat jarkoman dari teman saya tentang magang Badr Interactive. Berikut posternya


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Well, the first week of 2017 has passed. The first week was a bliss, a super great holiday, by having a journey to places I haven’t been before.
Anyway I am still gonna write about 2016, and some thought about 2017 – that’s why this post was entitled bridging.

Despite some wishes not coming true, some to do lists not being crossed, 2016 was blissful, indeed.
2016 has drawn me together with bunch of such lovely people. That year, I was surrounded by them and I knew those are people I am comfortable spending time with.
2016 has offered many chances I cannot not be grateful of taking (some of) those chances. That year, I did things I never imagined I would and I knew those experiences were so valuable.

Who will 2017 bring? What will 2017 offer?
Those are the-should-not-be-asked questions, for the answers will come at its time. We will get older (again) this year and though I still don’t like being older, I will go through it. There will be many challenges waiting ahead, and maybe this is the year where I should be braver, you should too.

For a year has passed, for a memory will last.
2016 was so memorable in a good way, and I hope 2017 will be too..
Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Stay cheerful, stay grateful 🙂

One who never did expect and will never expect time will fly fast,
Ayu Fatmawati-

P.S. I need to befriend with time :’)
P.P.S. I hope good things happen between us :’)

I think I should not publish this post, but I did

Time waits for no one.

That quote might be such a representative word for this week.

I wonder why I am so easy to open up what-is-not-good-in-me-or-my-life. But that’s human. If we are not competing in showing off about whose photos show the best version of life in Instagram, we are competing in complaining about whose life is the worst in Twitter, or not?

The point is I got a bad luck. I skipped a deadline for an assignment just because I thought the deadline was at 11:55 pm. What’s weird is the whole universe seems like conspires to assure me about that (mistaken deadline time). Siapa suruh deadline gaseragam jam 23:55?!

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Sunday Morning

So, hello!

It’s such a cloudy-breezy-morning. I think it’s such a good time to post something on blog.

I am not gonna post about Trump, about 4/11, about things which become everyone’s concern; but about me (who is concerned only by me). This post is dedicated for curcol, anyway.

It has been November.

Come to think of it, I am such a ineffective person that let life going on itself… I think I have to rearrange myself – or my life – or my cash flow management…

Life has been so good lately. Still thoughtful about academics, but this (half and plus) semester has the story more than that, such a way beyond. I am happy for me being me, for my life being mine. Alhamdulillah 🙂

The most saddest part is maybe about me being not lucky enough in knowing you (better) – – ? But we know each other, don’t we? For me being a penultimate year student, and you being a final year student, and us being in different majors…

I wonder about the time we finally greet each other.

By the way, thanks to current penghiburan in the middle of crazy college life like Musik Tulus, HIMYM, Proposal Daisakusen (still can not get over with it!), HiVi!, P!aTD, Tsubaki Chou Lonely Planet, Daniel Powter (he’s coming at JGTC!), Zalora, Shoppee, Tokopedia, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.-etc.-etc. (and being focus-misleading everytime doing work).

Anyway, wishing you (and me) have a good life, then!



Manajemen Proyek

This is a course notes of Managing IT Project. The references are Schwalbe’s book and PMBOK.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Project Manager

What is a project, program, portfolio?

  • Project, handled by Project Manager, is something that
    • temporary (defined beginning & end)
    • has unique purpose
    • developed using progressive elaboration
    • require various resources
    • have primary customer & sponsor
    • uncertain
  • Program, handled by Program Manager, is group of related projects managed coordinately to gain benefit

Project Management is application of knowledge, skill, tools & technique in project activities to meet project requirement; discipline of planning, organizing, securing, managing, leading, & controlling resources to achieve goals within constraint scope, time, cost; way to achieve tactical goals

Project  portfolio management is way to achieve strategic goals; working on right projects, right area, with right resources

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Mom, there is a boy I like

I might have grown up, yet still clueless about this. No, this post is not about that boy. This is, simply, just a way of me expressing words that I couldn’t say – words that have stayed long at the tip of my tongue.

Mom, there is a boy that I like.

I wonder what response you are going to have. Would you give me such a lecture telling me that I am still little girl who know nothing about love, or such an advice telling me what to do and how to handle my feeling, or else would you ask me about what kind of boy he is.

Mom, there is a boy I like.

I wonder how your first impression of Dad, how you started to build relationship with him. Mom, I wonder who made the moves most between you two. How you finally gave your heart completely to him is another thing I also want to know.

Mom, there is a boy I like.

I like him, stupidly. So much that I do really want to tell everybody, everyone. It is illogical that only by seeing him can make me happy, yet I am afraid and feeling so insecure and I don’t know what to do. I wonder is there something wrong with me, Mom? Is it normal to be this weird?

Mom, there is a boy I like

I wonder why this kind of love is different than the way I love you, or Dad, or Sister, or best friends. I know this amazing yet frightening feeling may change and I know for sure every time the feeling comes, once again I’ll be happy, once again I’ll be afraid. “Pain is just a consequence of love,” Srizzati said. Mom, please pray for me that I wouldn’t attach my heart to someone who doesn’t belong to me.

So you know I still am lost and this matter is not the most important for me now; but one day, firmly, bravely, I will tell you this: Mom, there is a boy I like; and I will be happy to finally know how your response gonna be.