BADR Shortcourse X Internship: Week 4 + Last Week of Holiday

Finally, we come to this week. Finally, I’ll meet you soon. So, what’s happened on this week?



We started to introduce Verivy to our peers via instant messaging, verifying that there will be bunch of people eager to be tester.


I went to LPDP Edu Fair. Sarah couldn’t make it, so there were only me, Sum, Fath, Tiw. We planned to meet at 9.30 (St. UI), but turned out to be 11.30 (Sawah Besar). It took 2 hours to get into the hall (we were queuing for two hours). What I got from going there is some thoughts, and considerations (beside some colleges I might apply later).

These are them

  • Don’t be a deadliner, you see the crowds and it is likely possible to make the website down
  • I need to improve my English. Really.
  • Which part of me that is better than the others? Have I become one who deserves an award?
  • Should I really try this? Do I really want this?
  • Interested is not sufficient, should find such a strong reason.

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